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Handmade Shoes

They say it's the shoes that make the outfit, a statement that's certainly not lost on our professional craftspeople. They're working hard to bring you the latest in fashionable footwear. Take a behind-the-scenes look at our footwear production line. Here's where our shoemakers give your next pair of high-quality shoes a personal touch. From the first cut to the final packaging, your shoes are handled with care, ensuring long lasting comfort, luxury and style.

The Cut

The first step is the cut. This takes a steady hand and keen eye for detail; skills that come with years of hands-on experience and craftsmanship. The shoemaker carefully traces molds of various shoe parts over their respective materials. The cut must be very accurate, especially for the upper, in order for the shoe to have that perfect fit.

The Fit

The first step of construction means taking the materials and combining them with high-quality adhesives and careful sewing. By bending and manipulating the pieces by hand, the shoe's shape is formed, priming it for the next stage of assembly.

Assembling the Upper

Once the cut has been fit into place we proceed with the shoe's assembly. This is where the upper is primed for attachment to the sole of the shoe using seeds (nails), which are tapped in by hand. Once these nails are in place and the upper is ready to go, we’re ready for the next step.

Assembling the Sole

The next step is preparing the sole of the shoe and attaching it to the upper. First stickers, decals or other branding is adhered to the bottom of the sole, depending on the shoe's design. Once this is completed, the sole is set in a press, glued and nailed to the upper. This stage, handled by only the most experienced craftsmen, is critical to ensure the shoe’s longevity and resistance to the elements.

Setting the Heel

Once the upper and sole are joined, here is where the heel is glued to the sole should the shoe's design require it. High-quality adhesive cement is used here to ensure a strong long lasting bind between sole and heel is made.

Nailing the Heel

Once the heel is glued and set to the sole, additional nails and screws are used to keep the heel snug and secure.


Last but not least we reach packaging. This is where the craftsman takes one last look at their work, inspecting it for any possible flaws and comparing it to the shoe's master template. If the shoe passes inspection it will then be carefully packaged and ready for your feet. Enjoy!

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